PiLeJe and healthcare professionals

Micronutrition was introduced by and for doctors in 1992. The aim of the founder of PiLeJe was to contribute to a health-based medicine that complements disease-based medicine, the result of the progress made by medical science over the last 50 years.
He therefore wanted to improve the quality of treatment and make room for the prevention and treatment of functional disorders.
What at the outset was a “new approach” has now, given the number and involvement of the doctors practicing it, become a medical discipline in its own right, known as micronutrition.

For nearly 20 years, PiLeJe has been organising training for healthcare professionals and has developed healthcare solutions :
• medical and scientific concepts of treatment
• diagnostic tools (diet questionnaires) and screening (nutritional biological tests)
• dietary supplements and dietetic products, validated on the basis of medical and scientific criteria in which the active ingredients are widely documented or have been subject to medical observation and even clinical trial.
They are made with ingredients that are preferably of natural origin at nutrition-based doses in accordance with the regulations in force for nutritional supplements.


Taking dietary supplements is of no use unless the supplements fulfil a particular need. It is not the product that is effective in relation to a functional disorder or as a preventive measure, it is the product that is indicated in response to a specifically identified problem.